Project Name: White goods As-a-Service

Client: Multi-client project partly funded by Vinnova

Year: 2019-2023

Circular Business Model Multi-Client Project

Stairway is project and research lead in collaboration with Tricircular AB. The main project focus is to increase resource efficiency using a new Circular Business model, as with PaaS, Products-as-a-Service. In order to make a deep dive into the practical use of the Circular Economy, a multi-client project including partners Electrolux, Linköping university, Förvaltaren AB, SKB, ByggVesta, is designing and testing White goods as a service for housing companies. (2019-2023)

Read the full description of the project and partners:

There are a number of references to this successful project, including writings from Electrolux:

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Electrolux launches Appliance-as-a-Service program to promote circular economy.